Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dear Edith,

Meet Mikey! My first thread bear. He's a little bigger than Clint because I used size 3 pearl cotton. I just wanted to get the feel of doing it, and that's the thread I had on hand. I put a little t-shirt on him, which looks just like one my husband has (who's name is Mike, by the way).

I know there are a few problems with him....the ears look set too high on his head...makes him look a little like a dog. I used faceted beads (it's what I had here), and I'm not crazy about that, plus his mouth just wouldn't look right, but I still love him!

What is your opinion?

I'm thinking about making these to sell (giving you credit for the pattern!), and I want to be sure I'm doing quality work. I'm assuming "5-way jointed" means jointed at the head and four appendages...is that right? I don't want to say that, if it's not what I'm doing! Plus, his head seemed awfully floppy until I put the t-shirt on, but I had pulled the dental floss really tight. In fact, I was worried I was puckering the body, so I had to loosen it a little. Is it normal for it to be a little floppy? Also, should he be able to stand on his own? He won't....just plops over...maybe a smaller bear would. Just curious! I already have the head and body of a bear done in size 30 crochet cotton (he'll be about 1/4 the size of Mikey!), so maybe it'll stand up right.

I've just been enthralled with all the neat bears out there! It's been so much fun making this and I'm looking forward to making more.

Thanks again for the great pattern and for your input!

Have a great weekend,

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi Beverly,

Your bear looks nice and cute! If you feel the head is floppy, just pull the dental floss really, really tight.
You just need to make more bears, with practice each bear will be bettern than the one you made before. You will see!
Of course you can sell the bears you make using my patterns.

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