Thursday, June 14, 2007

Questions and Answers

I will share with you questions I have received and my answers about making the bears.
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hi would like to know if this is an easy pattern and if the little rabbit is easy too? Thank You Norma

Hi Norma, Yes, all are easy. Some have more stitches than others, but basically all of them are made from single crochet stitches. You crochet all the parts, head, body etc and then you assemble the bear. The rabbit has different ears and it also has a little tail. Sasha has a hat, but it is easy too.

This is Maringo

This is Sasha


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I LOVE this frog! My crochet skills are basic-I've made some scarves, a purse, and a small round amulet pouch(from crochet cotton) Would I be able to make this?Iknow you can't be sure but I'd appreciate your honesty!

Hi, It is not really difficult. The stitches that you need to know are: single crochet, double crochet and half double crochet. Most of the work is done in single crochet. You can also email me if you have any problem. I will help.
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I have your panda bear pattern and it is really cute. Do you by any chance have a pattern for one of your bears where the muzzle and head are one piece? Jan

Hi Jan,
Yes, Sylvia and Clint's muzzle and head are one piece.

This is Sylvia

This is Clint

Best regards, Edith

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Hello, I just bought the little thread bear pattern from you yesterday, I am a beginner, in Canada, and I am not sure what size 30 thread is, I have some crochet cotton here, but it only gives me a gauge, I was wondering if maybe you could help me, it says Size 10 and it is South Maid. Do you have any idea, if a 30 would be larger or smaller, what I mean is would it be finer, sure hope you can help if not Thank you anyway. Carol

Hi Carol, Size 30 is thinner than size 10. The sizes are standar for all brands of crochet thread. The crochet hook should be steel. If you need any help making the bear let me know. Best regards, Edith

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I am very interested in several of you patterns. I cannot afford to spend more money this month, I've already used up my budged. Will this be available again next month? I will probably buy 6-10 patterns, depending on the total cost. Donna

Hi Donna, My patterns are always available on my on my website and some of them are also on my Etsy store. These are the links: My website: . My Etsy store:

Thank you,
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These are just the cuttest! I love bunnies and this one is adorable! Awesome.