Thursday, June 14, 2007


It is with a great deal of pleasure I undertake to write a blog about thread crochet bears making, a subject which has been, and still is, elucidated every day; and about which there are already several artists making their patterns available to others to learn this art. But crochet bears are of such vast interest by lots of people, and the diversity of threads so great, that I may be pardoned if I still think that I could be of some use to the beginner; it is for them that I write. If they can learn anything from the plain talk of a practical worker, to help them along in the good work, I am well repaid.

Another object I have in view is to make it as easy as possible; showing the manner of preparing the threads, the stitches, the assembly of the bear, etc., making thread crochet bears culture an elegant pastime for their leisure hours, as well as a source of profit. But, being one of the first class myself, I had to fight my way up through several difficulties from the lowest round of the ladder; had to gain what knowledge I possess from watching others, and trial and error, and lots of practice, and can therefore sympathize with those who must commence without means. It is my earnest desire to save them some of the difficulties I had to go through, to lighten their toil by a little plain advice. If I can succeed in this, my object is accomplished.

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mskeryte said...

Big thanks for you. I fell in love with crocheted bears after I found the pattern of Monique. I made two sleepy toys for my kids and they love their blue bears. At last I found really pleasant way to make something beautiful. Best regards to you. Your bears and their friends are so lovable.